We’d like to thank you for your interest in the Colorado Brownfields Partnership technical assistance services. We are available to meet one-on-one to confidentially discuss your sites and community-wide opportunities to better inform you and your stakeholders on the brownfield process, and assist in identifying issues, strategies, and action items to getting redevelopment done.

Please contact Jennifer Hill at 970.928.3412 or Jesse Silverstein at 303.991.0074 for more information.


Assessment and Cleanup

Your community is ready to pursue state assessment or cleanup programs, so, what do you do next?

First, determine if you’d like to apply for a targeted brownfields site assessment to characterize the nature and extent of site contamination and/or apply for the voluntary cleanup and redevelopment program.

To apply for either program, start by filling out this application for both programs. You can then submit it directly to the state contact listed on the application, or call Jennifer Hill at 970.928.3412 or Jesse Silverstein at 303.991.0074 for additional assistance with the application process.

Both programs are detailed below.

Targeted Brownfields Assessment

The state performs targeted site assessments to characterize the nature and extent of site contamination. This characterization is at no cost to the property owner, and provides assistance in quantifying the need for and potential cost of cleanup. Sites are eligible if they are not on the National Priorities List (NPL) or under enforcement or other action by a government agency. For a private party to be eligible there must be a clear public benefit. Determinations on which sites will be assessed are done on a priority basis.

The State of Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) is currently providing Phase 1, Phase 2, or other specific site assessment assistance at selected brownfields and voluntary cleanup properties. To request CDPHE’s assistance for site assessments, interested parties must complete an application, which includes the information identified below, is open year round. Applicants will be contacted after CDPHE reviews the application.

Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Program

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) established the Voluntary Cleanup and Redevelopment Program (VCP) in 1994 to provide public and private property owners with the resources to facilitate cleanups as well as assurances against regulatory enforcement.

View the Voluntary Cleanup roadmap

View the application for both programs


Financial Assistance

Secondly, the state brownfields program has several financial assistance programs, which can be used towards a portion or all of the cleanup costs associated with a brownfield property. What funds are available? The state has a revolving loan fund, grants and tax credits available to local governments and nonprofits.

Revolving Loan Fund

Encourages the cleanup of unused or underused contaminated properties. The Fund offers financing with reduced interest rates, flexible loan terms, and flexibility in acceptable forms of collateral. The Colorado Brownfields Revolving Loan fund can provide sub-grants to local governments to pay for cleanup of contaminated properties and facilitate redevelopment of those properties.

As a public-private partnership, the Colorado Brownfields Revolving Loan Fund encourages the cleanup of unused or underused contaminated properties by offering financing with reduced interest rates, flexible loan terms and flexibility in acceptable forms of collateral. The fund also can provide cleanup grants to qualifying local governments and nonprofits.

View the Revolving Loan Fund guidelines

View the application for the Revolving Loan Fund


Colorado also offers financial incentives in the form of grants for cleaning up contaminated land where there’s no other federal or state program that can accomplish the cleanup. House Bill 00-1306 provided for limited state authority to use $250,000 annually for such cleanup, which is designed to protect human health and the environment and to enhance the redevelopment potential of these properties.

View the site prioritization criteria and work sheets

View the project form

Tax Credit

Senate Bill 14-073 reinstated the Colorado Brownfields tax credit for qualifying entities that perform environmental remediation associated with capital improvements or redevelopment projects.

View the state brownfields tax credit notification requirements

View the tax credit notifications


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